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The Reality of Athletes & Celebrities

We all know the misconceptions portrayed by the media whether it is via social media or reality television shows. However, the biggest misconception to me is that money solves ALL problems. And unfortunately, people have less compassion for athletes or celebrities because of their money status. When hardships come, people often dismiss what the athletes are going through with statements like, "Oh, they will be fine." or, "They got in a car crash? It's all good, they have money to replace whatever is lost or money to go to therapy." However, the heartfelt, emotional side towards athletes and celebrities is often suppressed or overshadowed by fans because of the money or fame attached to their names.

The reality is athletes get sad or traumatized in the same way you do. Meaning, they are human beings with feelings just like you. We tragically lose family members to cancer, disease, or even suddenly and it hurts just the same. We sometimes experience horrific child births or suffer from post part depression just as you did. Infidelity or divorce hurts just the same as it does you. Burying a child is something that no parent will ever get over. The bottom line is there is no price tag that can be placed on human emotions. And when hurt or devastation does come, we have to deal with it every day by waking up and putting our shoes on one foot at a time Just.Like.You!! Money does not solve all problems. It's usually the opposite: More Money, More Problems. But, that post is for another day. ;)

The most important concept I want you to comprehend is that while TV makes these athletes famous, or their job brings them notoriety and pays them well, no one knows the depths of their hurt and pain. Behind closed doors they may be dealing with death, trauma, parental challenges, marital issues, and family drama. The difference is they still have to wake up and perform with a smile on their face, shaking hands, and signing autographs like everything is AWESOME when in reality is may not be. Fans get to escape their problems by going to a game and cheering on their favorite team even if it is just for a few hours, and what a blessing it is that athletes can bring them that type of distraction or relief.

However after the games, the autograph signings, the pictures, and the smiles they then have to return home to their reality and deal with life that you may not know about. And truth be told they are probably physically and mentally exhausted. So remember the next time you hear or read about something celebrities are going through, have a little compassion and understanding and know that their hearts bleed just like yours. And finally, try not to equate feelings to money because we all know money does not heal the heart.

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