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NFL Preseason Cancelled

As we all know NFL Preseason games are cancelled this year. Some are happy and some are not. There are so many questions still lingering. How will teams prepare for the regular season? How will rookies trying to make a team show what they are capable of? Will there be a regular season? Is it even safe to return? The many unknowns of Covid have many players and families concerned. It has rocked the entire world and we are all trying to sift through and find the truth which has been almost impossible at times. Players were not feeling confident about safety protocol, the NFL was trying to determine what protocols should be taken, and wives were praying that their family stayed healthy through this pandemic.

I can think back to Nate going to training camp and how exciting it was. A new season, new players, sometimes new coaches, and new perspective is what got everyone amped up for a new season. It was something everyone looked forward to and the air was filled with excitement of what was to come. Fans would come to training camp to cheer on their favorite players and see what the rookies had to offer.

I remember packing up our home and heading to see Nate at training camp. 8 suitcases, car shipped, house closed down and we were on the next flight to another season of football. The kids were so excited to see their daddy and run on the field after practice to hug him. It was a special time that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. My hubby would toss my daughter up in the air and throw the football to the boys in between signing autographs for fans and taking pictures when asked to. Training camp was the norm for the 11 years when he played in the NFL. Let's just say the norm has changed. No one knows exactly what it will be, what the season will look like, and if there will even be fans in the stands when the season finally begins.

What we do know is life is precious. The NFL is a close community and if you love this community we should all work together to be as safe as possible. This mindset should trickle into any community whether it is your neighborhood, the grocery store, or sitting down to have dinner at a local restaurant. It's okay if one forgets to wear a mask (because we all have forgotten at times), but when reminded we must do the right thing and put one on or go back and get one to help prevent others from being infected. Many people have lost their lives and if you did not lose a family member or friend, I would definitely count your blessings because that is not the case for many. Living in the New Jersey/New York area I definitely heard and witnessed a lot. People not only lost family members, but also could not go visit them in the hospital. They were not even allowed to have a funeral for their loved ones. It was devastating and I wouldn't wish that type of pain on anyone.

If you are reading this, you are alive and that is what matters. Although there is no preseason, it looks like there will be a regular season. Who knows if fans will be in the stands cheering on their favorite team, however there are televisions, cell phones, and apps where you can still watch and celebrate together in the comfort of your own home. The most important aspect is that EVERYONE heathy. It's okay to be uncomfortable sometimes as long as you remember it doesn't last forever and is for the greater good. We are strong, we are resilient, we are alive, we are healthy, and most important we are community.

Community keeps us in a space of togetherness. It gives us hope, we share common interests, and we work towards the same goals to better our world. Through the good and the bad let's work together and remember what's really important. The NFL community is something I truly have enjoyed for over a decade of my life. I know we will all come back stronger than ever. In the meantime, let's remember to love and respect one another wherever we are. I sympathize for the rookies trying to make a team, but don't have the opportunity to prove themselves in a preseason game. I know this is not what you envisioned. I hope you believe in yourselves way more than this moment and know this too shall pass and your time will come. Stay healthy, stay patient, and keep working hard.

I thank everyone that went to work though this pandemic and put their lives in harms way so that we could buy groceries, get toilet paper, go to the hospital, and deliver something because some couldn't leave their home. From the first responders to the front line workers, you are all angels on earth. Every single person doing their part is what makes this world better. That's what this world needs more togetherness. If you are not an essential worker your part is just as important. We must all do our part so hopefully essential workers will have less of a load which I know they are extremely grateful for. Community is about thinking of others before yourself which keeps us healthy and thriving. So please, let's remember that and always work toward the bigger picture of helping others and knowing we are stronger together.

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