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Quarantine Life

Ladies, all the ladies.....I already know what you are thinking. How long is this ish gonna last?! 

Within a month, I went from Super Bowl fun in Miami to house arrest. Sigh!!  Yes, this definitely has been insane!  Now that the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, I think I have started to catch my groove.

I have been cooking and cleaning more than I ever thought I ever would. The cabinets, the drawers and the pantry have been organized.  I’ve cleaned out closets, given away shoes, clothes and even straightened out our garage; you know….that dreaded garage where we store all the things we don’t want to deal with.  Everything I’ve been putting off with excuses of being busy, I could no longer avoid.  I had no more excuses.  No basketball games, no gymnastics, no workouts, no nothing.  It was just me and this house.   This is where it went from dread to focus. I had to reprogram my mind and I looked at it like a competition.  I gave myself a goal each day and refused to quit, hide or avoid until it was complete! I was FOCUSED!!! 

Yah, I didn't shower until late at night some days, or do my hair for a few days.  Makeup has been non-existent because I have nowhere to go (unless I had a zoom). Anyone else feeling like Zoom calls are the only time you lightweight get it together?  Then it dawned on me, why was I only getting ready if other people were going to see me? 

That is not practicing self care.  

I realized, it wasn't about doing it for others, sometimes it's about doing it for yourself.  I didn't have to look busted just because I was staying home.  I can still put my hair up in a cute bun and put some lip gloss on.  After all, I still had a husband and I know he was tired of me looking like “who did it and what happened”?!  

So yes, we are confined to our home and we are living this Groundhog Day life; but here is what I believe. We have the opportunity in a very uncertain time to do things we may not otherwise.  We can be more intentional with selfcare, with grace and most importantly, with gratitude. We have our health, we have our home with running water, and most importantly we have each other. 

COVID 19 has taught me that life is precious. People have lost jobs, family, friends and loved ones; struggle is written in every news article. I refuse to let this stop me and I want to encourage you as well!  Call and check on someone that may be alone.  Help an elderly neighbor.  Send something to someone that makes them smile. 

While you are taking care of others, don’t neglect yourself. Get out of your sweats (even for a day)!  Surprise yourself and your family and put some jeans on, maybe even a sundress on a sunny day!  You will not only look better, but you will feel soooo much better!!  I know I do ;). It may not be everyday that you feel your best and want to spruce up, but it's important to remind yourself how AMAZING you really are! You are worth a little self care and lots of LOVE!!  So, love on yourself and remember that we are all in this together and THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!! 

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