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George Floyd

By now everyone around the world has heard his name and has seen the video of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. It was gut wrenching, heart breaking, and unbelievable to many that watched George plead to breathe and for his mother for almost nine minutes. To many this was new, however, in the black community this is all too real and the outcry has happened for hundreds of years. For myself, it was a tragic reminder of what happened to my father when I was 5 years old. He too suffered severe brutality at the hands of police because of the color of his skin. I will never forget seeing my dad laying in the hospital with his face disfigured, lumps on his head, his jaw broken, cheek bone fractured, and all the stitches required to piece him back together. I could never understand why anyone would ever do such a thing. I was heartbroken and traumatized.

I suppressed those feelings and what had happened for a very long time. However, when George Floyd's murder occurred it rocked me all over again. I knew I had to speak up because many believed this was an isolated incident or that it rarely happens. That bothered me and I realized I needed to use my voice so that people could understand that this happens ALL THE TIME! Many just do not know or they look the other way. After about a week of protests and outcries, humanity began to come together. They finally realized that this was real and needs to stop.

Bottom line is policing needs to change, policies need to be put into place, and we ALL need to do our part to speak up and vote out people who don't believe in human rights for all. I implore you to have uncomfortable conversations, join a movement, and help make this world something that your children would be proud to live in. To me that is change! Although this is another tragic moment in American history, my hope is that George Floyd's name is not another statistic; but instead a name of triumph and change. George Floyd! Say his name!

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