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S3 E16 - Nicole Jeter West (SVP, Head of Marketing for LA 2028 Olympics)

December 28, 2021 Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril Season 3 Episode 16
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E16 - Nicole Jeter West (SVP, Head of Marketing for LA 2028 Olympics)
Show Notes

Hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril are reflecting on the year for the insideLINES Podcast! 

It’s the last episode of 2021 and the ladies look back at some of their favorite things and most impactful moments of the year! From the insurrection to start the year to the resurgence of covid via a new variant (Delta and now Omicron), Atoya and Tia share their thoughts on the moments that have truly defined 2021. We want to hear YOUR favorite moments, albums, songs, etc. of 2021! Leave us a voicemail at

From there, Atoya and Tia  jump straight into the interview with SVP, Head of Marketing and Brand Engagement for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, Nicole Jeter West! From her role as Director of Marketing for the New York Knicks to her current role with the Olympics, Nicole chats with the ladies about the importance of always being prepared for anything which sparked a conversation about getting her first job with the Knicks after a lunch meeting with an old friend landed her an impromptu interview with the VP of Marketing for the Knicks and and eventual job. She also discusses how finding  “harmony” and NOT “work-life balance” is the key to her success and how suffering several miscarriages led to her establishing and prioritizing clear boundaries for every aspect of her life.

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Guest: Nicole Jeter West
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