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S3 E13 - Nischelle Turner (Host of Entertainment Tonight)

December 06, 2021 Season 3 Episode 13
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E13 - Nischelle Turner (Host of Entertainment Tonight)
Show Notes

Hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril are laughing till their sides hurt on the insideLINES Podcast! 

Atoya and Tia kicked off the episode chatting about their fun-filled weekend! Tia is back from a quick weekend trip to Jacksonville, FL for an induction ceremony. Tia’s husband Cliff was inducted into the Clay County Hall of Fame for his work in the community along with his former teammate Nolan Carroll. Atoya was finally able to surprise her oldest son with his first car. 

Next in Hot Takes, Atoya and Tia are discussing the Oxford High School school shooting. Ethan Crumbly opened fire last Tuesday, killing 4 students and injuring several others. The Oxford Township prosecutor surprised everyone when she also filed charges against Ethan’s parents Jennifer & James Crumbly. The ladies discuss if it was appropriate for the parents to be charged as well and if anyone else should be held accountable. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts at   

Lastly, the ladies welcome Nischelle Turner, co-host of Entertainment Tonight. Nischelle, five-time Emmy award winning correspondent and co-host of “The Big Podcast with Shaq”, is the first black woman to host ET. She chats with the ladies about almost giving up on getting the host role at ET and reuniting with the news anchor who inspired her to get into journalism. Nischelle also discusses the challenges associated with having uterine fibroids and her and Atoya share their experiences. She's also working with the Black Women's Health Imperative to help educate about this challenging ailment. Before they wrap, Nischelle shares stories about doing a podcast with Shaq. 

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Guest: Nischelle Turner
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