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S3 E10 - Cheslie Kryst (Miss USA 2019, Extra TV Correspondent)

November 15, 2021 Season 3 Episode 10
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E10 - Cheslie Kryst (Miss USA 2019, Extra TV Correspondent)
Show Notes

Hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril are asking the tough questions on the insideLINES Podcast! 

First, the ladies share details from their action packed weekend! Atoya’s sons kicked off high school football playoffs on Friday, only for the game to be called with 1 minute left in the first quarter due to the weather.   The game resumed on Sunday, and they went on to clinch a spot in round 2 of playoffs. Tia took flight again this weekend, this time heading to Punta Mita, Mexico to celebrate friend and former NFL defensive end Michael Bennett’s birthday. The “Communion” themed weekend brought together a wide range of friends from various industries celebrating each night with themed dinners.  

Next, it's on to Hot Takes where Atoya and Tia share their thoughts on the Adele One Night Only special which aired on CBS on November 19th. The special included performances by Adele as well as an exclusive interview with Oprah where they discussed her new album, the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son. The ladies also ask the question “How much is too much to share?” while reflecting/comparing how Adele and Taylor Swift share their life story via their music.  

And finally, the ladies welcome Cheslie Kryst, ExtraTV correspondent and Miss USA 2019. Cheslie, who is also a former civil litigation lawyer, chatted with the ladies about using her Miss USA platform to advocate about race issues during protests of 2020, her experience as a black woman in the pageant world, and why she started her blog, White Collar Glam. Cheslie also discussed her experience being featured in the Netflix documentary “Colin in Black and White” and working on criminal justice reform with the Buried Alive Project during her time practicing law.  

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Guest: Cheslie Kryst
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