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S3 E7 - Kelly Stafford

October 25, 2021 Season 3 Episode 7
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E7 - Kelly Stafford
Show Notes

Join hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril as they find time for self-care on this week's episode of the insideLINES podcast!

Atoya and Tia kick off the episode with highlights from their week! Atoya is full of mixed emotions as her oldest Nate Jr. gets his driver's license over the weekend! Now the search begins for his first car. Tia received her second vaccine dose over the weekend, so knocked her out. 

Up next, it's another edition of Hot Takes. This week, the ladies share their thoughts on Zaire Wade being drafted to the Salt Lake City Stars, the minor league basketball team of the Utah Jazz. Zaire’s dad, former NBA player Dwayne Wade, has a minority ownership stake in The Jazz, and some say Zaire may not be deserving of a tenth round selection. 

Then, the ladies reunite with Kelly Stafford. Kelly, a former University of Georgia cheerleader and wife to LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, discusses challenges she faced during her IVF journey and how deciding not to breastfeed her fourth child led to her being more mentally healthy following childbirth. Kelly also shares how she discovered she had a rare brain tumor after almost collapsing while holding one of her children. She also recently launched The Morning After with Kelly Stafford podcast where she chats about her everyday experiences. 

Lastly, Kristyn Bly has this week’s Mindful Moment where she offers her views on prioritizing self care. 

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Guest: Kelly Stafford
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