insideLINES Podcast

S3 E6 - Nikki Jordan

October 18, 2021 Season 3 Episode 6
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E6 - Nikki Jordan
Show Notes

Hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril are staying grounded on this week's episode of the insideLINES podcast.

First, Atoya and Tia kick off the episode with highlights from the week! Atoya and her husband Nate hosted a Louis Vuitton Mobile Experience where the luxury giant brought a mobile trailer right into their backyard. The two invited friends and family and had the event catered for a night full of shopping and fun! Tia had a weekend full of kids sports but also found time to say YES more to couples date nights as well as a ladies night out! 

Then, it’s time for “Hot Takes” where the ladies are joined by their producer Scott Riggs. The three share their thoughts on a post made to the Reddit subgroup “Am I the Asshole” asking AITA for putting my wife on a budget? The user goes on to explain that since tying the knot earlier this year, his wife has stopped working and has been on a spending spree since. After attempts to curb her spending habits were unsuccessful, the husband instituted a strict budget to the dismay of his wife.  

Next, Kristyn Bly gets into this week’s Mindful Moment where she offers her views on staying grounded and finding peace.

Next up, Nikki Jordan joins the ladies for a fun chat! Nikki, a former professional basketball player and wife to current New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan, dishes on her experience playing professional basketball overseas in Finland and Germany following a difficult career at Rutgers University. She also shares how discovering she was expecting her first child derailed plans to pursue a major basketball contract leading to the end of her dreams pursuing a career as a WNBA player.  

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Guest: Nikki Jordan
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