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S3 E5 - Sara Lovestyle

October 08, 2021 Season 3 Episode 5
insideLINES Podcast
S3 E5 - Sara Lovestyle
Show Notes

Join hosts Atoya Burleson and Tia Avril as they get spiritual on the insideLINES podcast!

First, Atoya and Tia kick off the episode with highlights from another busy week! Tia attended Ciara Wilson’s launch event for her new rum Ten to One! Atoya had lots of kids and sports this week, but mostly found time to relax with her husband Nate.

Then, it’s time for “Hot Takes” where the ladies share their thoughts on comments made by ESPN’s Sportcenter Co-host, Sage Steele during her interview with former NFL QB Jay Cutler on his podcast Uncut with Jay Cutler. Sage made some outrageous comments regarding former President Barack Obama’s identity as well as some comments on female sports reporters and sexual harassment.

Next up, Sara Lovestyle joins us for an amazing chat! Sara, a serial entrepreneur and wife to former NFL defensive tackle Ziggy Hood, shares how she reunited with the Virginia pastor who sponsored her family from a Sudanese refugee camp and how having a heart attack at age 23 led to her launching her brand “Sara Lovestyle.” She also reflects on the blame and guilt she felt raising a child with autism and her husband’s struggle to talk about the challenges of raising special needs children as well as her journey to starting her own spice company Belay & Bell. She’s even started dabbling in CPG and tech investing! 

Then, it's on to the Fantasy Football segment where Atoya and Tia give you updates on the latest injuries in the NFL and some suggest on fantasy replacements for all these injured players!

Finally, they wrap things up with Mindful Moments where Kristyn Bly offers her view on surviving the past 18 months and, more importantly, persevering. 

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Guest: Sara Lovestyle
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